Jayne Rohlfing doesn't know the superpower she shows up with, and that is what makes her so incredible. She's down-to-earth, wickedly funny, and feels like that winter blanket you keep coming back to again and again just because it's so darn comfortable. There isn't a photo she takes that you'll dislike, and here's the warning: You MAY find yourself cursing at her under your breath when you're trying to pick your favorites, because HELLO, EVERY PICTURE IS A FAVORITE. I'm a fan-girl of Jayne and will sing her praises until the day that I die. She isn't just a photographer, so be prepared. This woman shows up ready to tell your story in a way that has likely never been done before, so if you're not ready to have an honest, beautiful take on the WHO of YOU, then hire another photographer because Jayne isn't just the REAL DEAL. She should be your ONLY DEAL.

• Lindsay, lindsayhotmire.com (Branding and Story Session) •

Speaking as a photographer, there are many elements that are necessary to make a photo session truly successful. Maybe surprisingly, the perfect setting, hair, and outfit have very little to do with the outcome of a session. In fact, nearly all of the elements for success have to do with the photographer, his or her ability to be the stage upon which the session will take place, and how comfortable the subjects feel in his or her presence. Jayne has a unique gift of making her subjects feel like they can relax and truly be themselves, which results in images that capture the true authenticity of relationships, connections, and emotions. Jayne isn't afraid to go outside the bounds of what is typical and traditional - you will end up with images that are much more unique than those from a typical portrait session. Jayne's gifts truly shine in storytelling sessions - using the surrounding space as part of the story but always highlighting what is most important, the people, connection, and the emotion. Your investment is not just for something to hang on your wall, but for images that will speak to your heart.

• Kira (Story Sessions, Extended Family and Mini Sessions) •